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  • World of Play - Play Fit Smart Band 21

Fitness Tracker

Make fitness a part of your routine with a smart band that tracks your sleep, daily activity, heart rate and fitness rate to bring you a step closer to your fitness goals every day.

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  • World of Play - Play Fit Smart Band 21
Play color ips display smartwatch

O.96 inch Colour IPS Display

Play Heart rate monitor of Smartwatch

24*7 Heart rate monitoring

 Play Fitness tracker of smart watch

Activity Tracker

 Play Water and dustproof smartwatch

Water & Dust Proof

 Play Notification of Smartwach

Keeps you notified

Play Smart Watch longest battery life

Upto 10 days of battery life

 Play Timer tracker Smartwatch

Timer & Stopwatch

Sleep Monitor

When you sleep better, you live better. Keep track of your sleeping patterns with PLAYFIT 21 that gives a detailed analysis of your sleep to help you shift to healthier habits.

World of Play Sleep Tracker Smart Band

Heart & Fitness Tracker

PLAYFIT 21 monitors your heart rate round the clock. Not only this, but it also tracks your all-day activity and tells the steps you have walked and calories you have burnt.

World of Play Smart Watch

Timer and Stopwatch

Time your workout regimes and determine your performance with the inbuilt timer and stopwatch that aims to get you going.

World of Play Smart Watch

Water & Dust Resistant

Bring it with you on adventures and take comfort in knowing that your band is designed and tested for IP68 rating.
They are deemed fit enough to withstand dust, dirt and sand, and are resistant to submersion up to a maximum
depth of 1.5m underwater for up to 30 minutes

World of Play Dust Proof Smart Watch

World of Play Dust Proof Smart Watch

Stay Connected

Pair your smart band with your smartphone and get notifications for calls, text, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram on your device without reaching out to your phone.

World of Play Smart Watch Android

Available in three Colours

World of Play  Smart Watches


Download the PLAYFIT app on your smartphone, sync it with your PLAYFIT device and discover comprehensive insights about your health.

Be Alarmed

The APP allows you to set multiple alarms that ensure you are always on time.

Won’t let you be lazy

Customize your APP to alert you when you are inactive for too long.

DND Mode

Don’t want to be disturbed? Don’t worry. Simply set custom duration where you don’t want to receive any notification or alerts on your PLAYFIT device.

Choose your notifications

Among a list of APPs, pick the APPs you want to be alerted for on you PLAYFIT device and always stay updated.

Set Goals. Achieve Them.

Set your target weight, sports rate and your sleep rate and know your weekly, bi-weekly and monthly process towards them.

Heart Rate

Understand how your daily activities affect your heart rate by knowing your resting, lowest and your highest Heart Rate.


Unlock insights about your sleeping patterns with the APP that calculates your deep sleep, light speed and awake hours.


Sync your PLAYFIT device with the APP to know your activity rate, the calories you burned and the mileage you covered.

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