April 29, 2020

Reap Yoga Benefits Faster with Advanced Wearables

Yoga Benefits

One rising trend nowadays is the tech-forward lot performing asanas with advanced wearables. The question is, “Is there a need for fitness trackers when you perform yoga?” Well, if you get the real-time results, “Count me in!” Thanks to state-of-the-art wearables, you can now easily get notified about yoga benefits much before you notice the positive changes in you. Also, when we say state-of-the art we are referring to the PLAYFIT wearable range, just saying! 

4 Reaping Yoga Benefits with Wearable Tech

1. Checks your Heart Rate

Asanas such as touching the big toes of your feet while standing up and going down with knees straight, and touching the back of your feet with your chest forward in seating position, immensely help your heart. You can try the PLAYFIT SW75 smartwatch that has a dedicated yoga mode. With this fitness tracker, your heart rate pulses and the blood flow through your nerves are detected. When you perform these exercises, it would read your heart rate in Beats Per Minute. This helps you understand how certain asanas can significantly stabilise your heart rate levels.

 2. Checks the Calories Burned

Planks and the pose where you keep your torso high up in the 90-degree angle while you stay in the push-up position, let you burn calories faster than many other exercises out there. The longer you stay in these positions, the faster you will do away with fat. Our PLAYFIT fitness trackers, have the nifty stopwatch feature, allowing you to conveniently time your asanas. You will be able to focus more on how long you are able to perform the exercise with any of these easy-to-use, lightweight wearables.

Yoga Benefits

3. Checks your Step Count 

All our PLAYFIT wearables, PLAYFIT SW75, PLAYFIT 21 and PLAYFIT 53, have multiple features. These are adaptable to different activities. One interesting feature is the step count when you practice the art of yoga. If you think you have to stay in a stationary position during yoga, think again! The Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation, comprises 12 poses to be done one after the other. You can do as many sets you want, given that you don’t get exhausted to the core. As the asana involves your feet moving continuously, any of these fitness trackers will calculate the accurate step count and show you the results instantly.

4. Checks your Sleep Cycle

Tracking your sleep cycle gives you insights on hours of healthy sleep to remain active and healthy. Apart from that, it can also analyse the quality of your nightly slumber. You should know that your sleep is largely affected by your daytime activities. Yoga is a great stress buster and some of the poses such as legs up against the wall while you lie down or spinal twists largely help in giving you a sound sleep. While you may not know initially whether or not you are getting a night of good sleep, an advanced activity tracker (like ours, of course) will show you the difference.

PLAYFIT: Better Insights for Gaining Yoga Benefits?

You already know the answer to that. But if you sill want our “unbiased” opinion, the PLAYFIT devices are an innovative range of smart bands that can also be beneficial for you when you start with yoga sessions. They come with round-the-clock heart rate monitoring along with offering precise data on your fitness and activity rates. Moreover, you can use them for 15 days at a stretch before their batteries run out. In fact, the PLAYFIT SW75 comes with 14 different sport modes, including yoga activities. 

Fitness Tracker to Extract the Maximum Benefits of Yoga

You may want to be as far away from electronic devices as possible when you want to practice yoga. However, tracking calories you have burnt with a few asanas in real-time will make you want to do more, for sure. 

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