May 1, 2020

Best Workout Routine for Weight Loss

Workout Routine For Weight Loss

So, you’ve dabbled with multiple workout routines. But all that gruelling cardio exertions have not yet yielded the results you desire. The fact of the matter is that for losing weight you need a workout routine with a strategy. Ideally, it should combine both cardio and strength/resistance training exercises.

A Mindless Cardio Workout Routine Won’t Help in Weight Loss 

“If you are just doing cardio, you can lose about one pound of muscle for every four pounds of fat, which means you’re basically losing your metabolism”, mentions popular personal trainer from New York City, Heidi Powell. Improving muscle strength is equally important when you want to lose weight.  

How you Should Strategize your Workout Routine

We would like to suggest two types of highly effective gym workout schedules that include both cardio and resistance training exercises. If you are planning to hit the gym to lose weight, work on different sections of the body, one at a time. You will get faster results. It is also not necessary that you follow ONLY the exercises mentioned below – they are to give you a fair idea on how they will be effective.

Gym workout chart No.1 with more strength training exercises and less cardio

Day of the weekExercises
MondayFull body workout where you do burpees, pushups, squats, step-ups, jump lunges, handstands, lying dumbbell hamstring curls, and barbell back squats.
TuesdayCardio exercises such as stair climbers, treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bike + Ab workouts such as dumbbell crunch, modified V-sit and hanging leg raise.
WednesdayLeg workouts such as squats, dumbbell step-ups, Swiss ball leg curls and leg press + Glute workout such as deadlifts, lateral band steps, kick-back squats, front lunges and bridge with extending one leg.
ThursdayLow-intensity exercises for active recovery such as walking or yoga.
FridaySame as Monday with a full-body workout.
SaturdaySame as Tuesday with cardio and ab exercises.
SundayRest or try walking as part of the active recovery process.

Pro tips:

  • Warm-up before you start these exercises at least for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Don’t jump on to the next exercise right away.
  • Drink water before you hit the gym.
workout routine for Weight Loss
Make sure to add 10 mins to your clock to cool-down before and after your workout sessions

Gym workout chart No.2 with more cardio exercises and less resistance training drills

Day of the weekExercises
MondayFull body workout such as pushups, burpees, squats and handstands + Walk 6 to 8 km covering about 10,000 steps.
TuesdayStair climbers, elliptical, rowing and swimming as part of cardio exercises + Walking 8 km.
WednesdaySame as Monday with full-body workout and walking.
ThursdaySame as Tuesday with cardio workouts and walking.
FridaySame as Tuesday
SaturdaySame as Tuesday
SundayActive recovery with yoga and a little bit of walking.

Pro tips:

  • You could get our high-tech fitness trackers that count the steps for you. You will also have the upper hand in knowing how much calories you torched away after each exercise session.
  • Try foam rolling if your muscles get sore after a workout.

Which Workout Routine Should you Choose? 

Irrespective of the workout schedule with cardio and strength training you choose, a lot depends on your body type. So opines Sydney-based personal trainer guru, Rachel Attard. See which category you fall under below, so that, you are able to follow an effective gym routine to lose weight:

1. Ectomorph

If you are one of those who are naturally thin, you are an ectomorph. Don’t get it wrong. A sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food intake will considerably affect weight. For ectomorphs, heavy cardio gym workouts don’t help in weight loss. The focus should be more on strength training exercises. Refer to gym workout chart No.1.

2. Mesomorph

Mesomorphs have strong legs and narrower hips and are able to lose and gain weight faster. The best workouts to lose weight would be going for a few low-impact cardio exercises such as elliptical and biking, and basic full-body exercises such as squats, deadlifts and lunges. If you are one, you can choose from any of the two gym workout charts mentioned above.

 3. Endomorph

If you gain weight faster and generally have a rounder body (GENETICS PLAY A LARGE ROLE!), you are an endomorph. Running is something you can avoid as too much of it, according to Ms Attard, can cause your leg muscles to be bulky. You should ease out on exercises and not put too much stress on the knees. Walking is a great example, which is why your ideal workout plan will be chart No.2 above.

workout routine for weight loss
The PLAYFIT Activity Trackers can help you track your progress

Discipline Matters

More than ever, we believe you can now choose your preferred gym routine. It is not that you have to follow word by word but yeah, you can always switch the active recovery periods in the week. Clearly, if you keep at it regularly – no, RELIGIOUSLY, you would never have overweight issues. It can be horribly tough in the beginning but you can always inspire yourself with accurate data reading by using any of our fitness trackers. If you are not getting inspired, do the workouts with electrifying music with our lightweight in-ear headphones, which are sweat-proof.  

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