April 26, 2020

Activity Trackers & Smartwatches: Which One Matches your Lifestyle

Activity Tracker Or Smartwatch

Considering using an activity tracker or smartwatch to give your lifestyle a healthier boost? Well, in case you haven’t then you must because these new-age tech bands are portable and an inexpensive way to keep track of your health. But, do you know which one is right for you? A lot depends on what your needs are and your budget. To help you get over your dilemma, we have listed out the two different types of fitness trackers below that have caught the imagination of the youth.

Standard Activity Tracker to Track your Fitness

Also known as fitness trackers, these wearable electronic devices monitor each and every activity related to a person’s health. We’re sure you already have a detailed idea of fitness trackers. In summary, they track fitness metrics like – calories burnt, steps, distance, heart rate, physical activity and sports, sleep cycles and more. These devices are synced wirelessly with your smartphone giving real-time data on dedicated Apps. Apart from real-time data, it also helps track progress, helping you improve your fitness performance.

The New Generation of Smartwatch 

Activity trackers and Smartwatch

Smartwatch goes an extra mile from the usual fitness tracker. In other words, these are activity trackers with additional functions.  Yes, the daily given is there – monitoring your heart rate, sleep cycle, daily physical activity and routine fitness metrics. These devices give you full notifications for calls, text messages. The PLAYFIT SW 75, for instance, can also be customised to give you Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and weather updates without touching your phone. These really help when you are working out and have a busy professional life where things cannot wait.

Pros in Both Activity Trackers and Smartwatches

Makes you aware of your health: With an activity tracker or smartwatch, you are made aware of your health without someone else having to tell you. It helps you get a holistic picture of your fitness score, giving room for lifestyle changes. 

Checks your sedentary lifestyle: Sitting all day at work is disastrous for health. Fitness trackers tell you when to move. You can set more reminders every other hour on all fitness trackers, to keep you in the game.

Gives you motivation: It is hard to keep yourself motivated to work out when you are alone. However, with fitness trackers, you are never alone. As they come with dedicated apps, you get to stay connected with other users in the app and see how they are active throughout the day. Healthy competition is always the best way to keep you going! 

Reliable tracking: Fitness trackers display your physical activity in real-time. This way, you know how to improve your workouts and when. So not only is setting daily goals easy, it’s as easy to achieve them. We all like a good success story, right! 

Points of Difference Between Activity trackers and Smartwatch

Larger Body and Built

Once of the striking differences between the two is the larger screen and a more robust look of the smartwatch. And, this is more of personal preference. Some might like the sleeker design of the activity tracker. Either way, they both help you with a power-packed performance in the gym. However, it’s also easy to get interrupted by calls & notifications during your workout sessions. You also have the option of turning off notifications during your workouts.

Activity trackers and Smartwatch
PLAYFIT SW75 comes with the adaptability of up to 14 different sports modes

Additional Features

While the activity band also come with Call & Notification alert, you can also quickly glance at the content of the message or notification on your smartwatch. The extra real estate also helps house additional features. For instance, the PLAYFIT SW75 comes with the adaptability of up to 14 different sports modes to make your workouts more productive. 

Bottom Line – Which one to Choose? 

It is important to note that smartwatch is more apt for making communication convenient when you have a hectic lifestyle. A fitness band with an activity tracker lets you keep track of your health without you having to switch it off to resume with your work schedule. 

But either way, if you are especially looking at these devices for fitness and to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can’t go wrong. The PLAYFIT 53 & 21, as well as the PLAYFIT SW 75, are great to track your workout sessions. Moreover, it comes with an IP68 rating that can endure water & dust. 

Nothing is More Essential than Keeping Track of your Health

Having a smartwatch or an activity tracker lets you maintain your health. It gives you the corrective push that you may require once in a while to keep being fit. Since they monitor how much time you spend on physical activities each given day, you will know how you are faring. So, apart from the niche differences between the two, you can get a healthy dose of fitness from both!

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